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Equine Welfare Programme

Around 4000 equines of 2500 families are benefited from this project. The main objective of this project is to work for five types of freedom for equines. Efforts are made to save animals from hunger and thirst, freedom from stress, protection from injuries and diseases through the cooperation of owners for the effective management of equine. With the local departments, we could obtain their services on time.


  • The good rapport built with equine owning communities.
  • 29 EWGs have been formed.
  • Awareness of equine management practices through transacting walk, PWNA and message delivery.
  • Gradual reduction found in bad practices.
  • Awareness of good quality farriery among owners and farriers.
  • Availability of FAKs to the equine owners.
  • Organize an equine owner conference for awareness.
  • Community-led Tetanus vaccination in all intensive sites.
  •  Organize an LHP / VO Workshop for Availability of treatment services through LHP/GVO in some areas.
  • Reduction in lameness cases through awareness of equine owners & farriers.