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Migration Resource Centers

·         GSVS identified urban poverty as an area of focus as part of a strategic planning exercise and migrants as a vulnerable occupational group in urban areas. These migrant workers are not a tangible community.  Since the lack of recourses, they easily become prey to exploitations by the employers.

 Regardless of the duration of the stay, migrant labourers face myriad challenges in a multi-religious, multi-linguistic and multi-cultural country like India. The challenges that these migrants face are- restricted access to basic needs such as identity documentation, social entitlements, housing and financial services etc. Many migrants—especially those who relocate to a place where the local language and culture is different from that of theirs, often face harassment and political exclusions.

 Therefore, GSVS with the support of TATA Trust taken a great initiative to help migrants through a centre called Migration Resource Centres (MRCs); a conceptualized walk-in resource or migrants who are displaced from their natives and in search of employment. These centre offer counselling to such migrants, access to information, acclimatization support and targeted services to vulnerable displaced workers.