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Khushi Bal Vikas Kendra

The purpose of the project is to improve the health and better life facilities of children below 6 years of age in 172 Anganwadies of Ajmer city and Srinagar block, this project helps to strengthen the efficiency of AWCs, to improve the health & well-being of children below 6 years of age. It aims at the implementation of various schemes available for Anganwadies, through Integrated Child Development Services in order to strengthen and support the health care and better life of children below the age of 6 years.


Implementing and strengthening by supporting Anganwadi, operated under Integrated Child Development Services, to improve the health and better life of children under the age of 6 years.

Programme activities-

Community-based CMAM Camp

A baseline survey has done for 4551 children. They all had enrolled at AWC. On the basis of the doctor’s prescription, extra nutrition food provided to the Identified Sever malnourished and Malnourish children along with essential medicine. Total 87% identified Sever malnourish children are living a healthy life. 

Build a kitchen garden for increased nutrition Values

The organization has built a kitchen garden for increasing the nutrition values of the AWC meal for children. This year, we had grown tomatoes, cucumber, bottle ground, spinach, green chili, fenugreek leaves, and cowpea, coriander and drumstick crops which has also used in AWC meal.

Increase capacity building for preschool education

In the Khushi programme intervention area, there were so many activities done for capacity building for Anganwadi workers and helpers. During the supportive supervision, Khushi Mitra always advised corrective actions to the Anganwadi staff for quality work. In 190 Anganwadi centers, total of 3315 children had direct benefit from Khushi programme. After completion, 6 years of age children had enrolled in the school. Now parents are happy with the services of Anganwadi center. 

Anganwadi day celebration

To increase the excess of knowledge about Anganwadi services and facilities, Anganwadi day was celebrated at each center. In the intervention area of Khushi programme, the amount of twelve lakh rupees collected from the community in the term of various assistance. Community people have enjoyed fully in this celebration. It was a great activity found for community engagement and support.

Pilot project for attendance and retention

Pilot project scheduled for Increase the attendance and retention of children at Anganwadi center. In the Khushi programme intervention area, we identified some Anganwadi centers for new experiments. If the enrolled child regularly attends Anganwadi and stays the whole day as per pre-decided hours then their parents, Anganwadi worker and helper would get the incentive for encouragement. It was a really attractive and motivational activity.

Publication of Tabar Toli magazine

Tabar Toil is a monthly magazine for the publication of Khushi programme activities. It has been distributed at all Anganwadi centers of Khushi intervention area as well as offices of the district ICDS department. The important part of the magazine is Anganwadi of the month, which is most popular among all Anganwadi workers and helpers.

Training for capacity building

As per desired quality services, there are various types of training programmes which were organized for Anganwadi workers, helpers, SHGs and Khushi programme staff etc. The objective of the training was capacity building for their subject so that they can serve better to the beneficiaries.

THR Recipe Competition

The objective of the recipe competition was to increase the right usage of THR.  It has provided by Govt. for pregnant women, Lactating women, adolescent girls, sever malnourished and malnourished children. The recipes made by beneficiaries at their homes and they took part in the competition. They also won prizes for delicious dishes. It was a learning activity for other women to learn the various kinds of dishes that can be made of the THR.