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PD Hearth


PD Hearth

  • Ghooghra.

Childhood Malnutrition is a serious problem worldwide. It is estimated that 125 million children are underweight because of inadequate nutrition, with 195 million are suffering from stunning. Positive deviance hearth is a behavior change program use to rehabilitate underweight and wasted children without medical complications, sustain their rehabilitation, and prevent future malnutrition. This approach provides community-based rehabilitation for moderate and severe malnourished children.

Despite limited resources, some parents always find ways to raise well-nourished children. Identifying and understanding what these positive deviant families are doing differently in their feeding, hygiene, caring, and or health-seeking practices from the parents of malnourished children in the same community is the foundation of the program. These key positive practices ( local solutions) are shared with malnourished households through a 13-day practical education session called hearth led by a trained volunteer.

GSVS has been successfully integrating PDH with additional prevention and food security intervention. We have adopted this practical technique for eradicating malnutrition with community involvement. Through this, we can prevent future malnutrition among all children in the community. This year we have started the PDH on 31st January 2022 at Ghooghra village inaugurated by PRI members of the village.